A collaboration with Javier Lopez and Young Sun Compton, we brought a graphic design studio to an art gallery. The studio was a full-service graphic design studio located in the Meyerhoff Gallery at the Maryland Institute College of Art. The Seventeen-day Studio specializes in editorial projects, identities, posters, and websites until forced to close our doors seventeen days later. Seventeen-day Studio is part of a MFA thesis project under the guidance of Abbott Miller, Ellen Lupton, Keetra Dixon and Jennifer Cole Philips.
POSTER MACHINE The poster machine was made to challenge the digital tools that designers conventionally use in making. A series of knobs and switches are used by the machine’s operator to alter the mood and layout of their poster. Each poster is then handmade and machine-made. After playing with the machine the maker sends her poster to print, where it is also automatically fed to our website for all to see.
PERFORMANCE In all our early conversations we grappled most with how to show something that is hard to capture. As designers we tend to cloister ourselves away in our studios often with headphones on, focused. By making the creative process the focus we challenge the visitors’ typical conception of what it is that we do as designers. We think it appropriate to present ourselves, as the exotic other, within a platform that everyone understands. So we stage a working environment for visitors: a modern menagerie.
LOGO PARLOR The logo parlor generates a logo and 20 business cards in 8 minutes. The piece was developed based on a system in which visitors fill out a form where they rank different skill sets in a scale of 1 to 10. The skill sets are gathered from a survey of most repeated characteristics mentioned by prospective candidate during interviews across different fields. During the exhibition visitors were encouraged to fill out a form and spend 8 minutes with the designer as the process of creating their customized logotype unfolded.
Each logo has three sets of concentric rings, the outer ring has 10 points, the middle and inside rings have 5 points each. Each point moves on its Y-axis from 0 to 10. The position of the point dictates the form of the blanket. All the logos generated by the Logo Parlor created the video above.
MANIFESTO From those bits and pieces and snippets of thinking we developed a series of statements that would serve as a point of reference for visitors. Over the first few days in the studio we produced and published a document that we would give to visitors of the space. The guide then becomes a representation of our studio. The paper, layout, content, printing and construction all reference some particular sensibility. These documents serve as ephemera rather than artifacts, much like the planned impermanence of a Seventeen-day Studio.