For 3 days, JENNY KUTNOW (USA) and LUIZ LUDWIG (BRA) collaborated in a workshop on Architecture and Obstruction. Each round, one should give to the other one obstruction. All pieces were created in 20 minutes.
JENNY: Obstruction #1: You can only use numbers
LUIZ: Obstruction #2: You have to use 20 different spot colors
JENNY: Obstruction #3: Mouse only, no keyboard
LUIZ: Obstruction #4: You can't use delete, undo, or command-z
JENNY: Obstruction #5: Listen to Pink Floyd's "Echoes" from Live at Pompeii and visualize a response
LUIZ: Obstruction #6: You have to use 3 different 3-D shapes
JENNY: Obstruction #7: Do a Google image search of your last name and use the 7th image that comes up
LUIZ :Obstruction #8: Make two horizontal guidelines and keep all of your objects on them
JENNY: Obstruction #9: Make an image on your desktop using only "Stickies." Take a screen shot and add it in.
LUIZ: Obstruction #10: Open the song "mysong.mp3," put it in repeat mode and create your new piece!
JENNY: Obstruction #11: Watch this clip of Wang Kar-Wai's "In The Mood for Love" first. Then create a response to what you saw
LUIZ: Obstruction #12: Reproduce your third image using only Microsoft Word
JENNY: Obstruction #13: Click the Wikipedia Random link. Use the content on that page to generate your design
LUIZ: Obstruction #14: Every element on your page must be repeated 3 times