For the 2012 First Year Show exhibition at Maryland Institute College of Art I decided to experiment new ways of building letters. I transferred a real world performance to the computer, by taking photographs every 1/10 of a second while, simultaneously through code, they were arranged in order. Every time I positioned a light directly to the camera the result was a bright picture, therefore, part of the letter. And as I turned the light away, I had the opposite outcome, a dark picture. In this way, I started to create shapes that wrote : "Hello, I am Luiz Ludwig and this is Day 1 Experiment 1 of me against the machine. Enjoy the exhibition!". The message came out in an unexpected way, a unique set of letters that was born using light, camera and code. At the show you could see a real time 40min video of my struggle and process as well as a 50 x 98 cm tall poster revealing the final result.